Simply Parkers Cheese Spreads

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Bellview, Iowa

Over history, some of our favorite products have been born out of necessity. Such is the story of Pine Ridge products. A young mother by the name of Melissa Armstrong was living in Kaycee, Wyoming and developed this recipe. She had ran out of a brand name BBQ sauce and decided to make her own! Thus began the life of the Pine Ridge BBQ and dipping sauces. Due to a busy lifestyle, Melissa decided to pass her dream on to my parents.

In 2006, Eli and Barb Dicklich purchased the proprietary rights to manufacture Pine Ridge BBQ and dipping sauces and Sweet Mustard. Through the years they have had great success selling and using Pine Ridge products in their company called The Herbadashery. This leads us to a new beginning for the Pine Ridge products! Jim and Misty Parker (daughter and son-in-law to Eli and Barb) have decided to carry on the family tradition and also make the Pine Ridge products. We are super excited to help carry on the torch and to be able to share such an amazing product with you! Enjoy!

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