Maasdam’s Homemade Sorghum Syrup

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Lynnville, Iowa

There is a lot of family history behind the Maasdam Sorghum Mill. There have been seven generations of the family making sorghum. The first was Fred Mathes in the late 1800’s in Pella, Iowa. The mill in Lynnville has produced sorghum every year since 1926 and is still powered by the steam engine that was installed in 1944. Sorghum is a syrup made from sweet sorghum cane used as a table syrup and can be used in baking. The family recommends putting sorghum syrup on pancakes, corn bread, and bread. When cooking, use sorghum syrup in baked beans, cookies, BBQ sauce, popcorn balls, and more!

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  • ProducerMaasdam Sorghum Mill