Bug Soother

Product Description

Bug Soother Bug Repellent is an all natural bug repellent that smells great but bugs hate! It is Deet free so it’s safe for children and pets! A citrusy essential oil blend especially effective against gnats, mosquitoes and other annoying pests. Bug Soother is perfect when hiking, fishing, golfing, or any other outdoor activity.

(Active ingredients – lemongrass oil .5% & Inert ingredients – water, vanilla, castor oil, soya lecithin, lemon, vitamin E 99.5%)

  • safe for children and pets
  • Eliminates mosquitos, gnats, sand fleas
  • Easy to use spray bottles that are easily packaged for quick transport
  • Great when hiking, fishing, golfing or any other outdoor activity

Columbus Junction, Iowa

Bug Repellent

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